It is a deeply troubling reality that for the most part the creation of a building is a protracted, disparate and ultimately wasteful affair.


It was this realisation, that in 2006 prompted Leah Singer to establish as an independent in the industry, operating under the brand 'entwine'. Driven by a desire to carefully curate the projects she worked on and the teams she worked with, her driving purpose was to minimise (and/or actively question) all non value-add activities that may otherwise be expected of her. In doing so Leah sought to improve both the delivery efficiency and the quality of our built environment in her own small way. 


Since then Leah has developed an increasingly dynamic skill set, worked in a vast variety of roles, and upheld her passion for positive change.


In 2018 she undertook extensive research into industry concerns associated with New Zealand public sector procurement. Consequently Leah is the sole author of Infrastructure New Zealand’s ‘Creating Value Through Procurement’, better known as the Entwine Report. In direct response to this report the New Zealand Treasury commissioned a review into the issues raised. This review corroborated Leah’s findings, aligned with her recommendations, and fed into MBIE’s 2019 updated procurement guidelines. For more information please refer: https://infracom.govt.nz/commercial/reports-and-think-pieces/


In addition to this analytical and strategic skillset, Leah has extensive experience in design, design management, risk management and business consultancy/advisory - endeavours that fully enable Leah to leverage her academic training in architecture, business, and innovation management.


Leah has worked on multiple high profile high-risk commercial projects, with mass-produced offsite, for new industry entrants; and within the UK, USA and New Zealand. Leah is regularly invited to speak at industry conferences and to join panel debates.


Regardless of context however, Leah consistently lives the meaning of her brand:



‘to wind or twist together; interweave...' 

...whether that be disparate teams, designs, an individual organization or the industry itself.


Leah is a problem solver at heart but believes that strong enlightened leadership is an essential precursor to any successful solution.


For a full breakdown of previous clients and value-add activities please refer: https://www.linkedin.com/in/leah-singer-6b079641/




Think that Leah may have the skills and experience to add value to your endeavour or your organisation?


If yes, then please feel free to call/email on:

New Zealand +64 (0) 22 320 4131

Australia +61 (0) 40 361 3351



And remember 'never confuse movement with action' - Ernest Hemmingway.