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It is a deeply troubling reality that for the most part the creation of a building is a protracted, disparate and ultmately wasteful affair.

And so in 2006, in reaction to an industry mired in a lack of communcation, fragmented work processes and avoidable loss Entwine Limited was born.




wind or twist together; interweave


The name says it all.  Specialising in Design & Build, Fast Track or anything remotely complicated Entwine offers design management and general preconstruction services in a desire to preempt the standard array of issues that arise time and time again on construction projects, whether that be lack of communication between design consultants, details that don’t work on site, misalignment between client and contractor expectation, inadequate programming, lack of document control, misunderstandings of scope… the list goes on.  And on.

The aim of the game is for the Client to get maximum value for every dollar spent; for the designers to create a set of “instructions” that surpass client expectation while achieving both compliance and the exploitation of the most efficient build methodologies available; and for "the builder” to execute “the build” with minimum possible risk.  The reality however is that this can ONLY be achieved through robust planning, a total interrogation of both the evolving design and the intended “cradle to grave” process, respectful communication, openness, and trust.


“Never confuse movement with action”.

Ernest Hemmingway


As for the fact that this website in still under construction…?  Remember it is one of life’s great ironies that “the cobbler’s children have no shoes”…

So thanks for dropping by and “watch this space…”



Want to get in touch with Entwine Limited?  Please feel free to call or email Entwine's Director Leah on:

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